Elder Scrolls Online drops a new companions trailer ahead of next month’s Blackwood launch


We’re less than a month away from the PC launch of Elder Scrolls Online’s Blackwood chapter, and you know what that means: hype time. Today, ZeniMax Online Studios has followed up its deep-dive into the chapter’s companion system from earlier this week with a whole video. Companions, of course, are the new NPCs who can be recruited to join the player and make up for holes in the player’s loadouts – and even become houseguests in your home.

The trailer doesn’t have a ton of details, as it’s mostly gameplay vignettes of a player character and the associated companion doing everything from walking around and opening chests to pickpocketing and fighting side by side. The customization segment brings the whole mechanic to life since MMOs are fashion online of course.

You can watch the whole trailer below.

Source: Press release
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