Broken Ranks is an isometric MMORPG with 2-D turn-based combat seeking closed beta testers


Part isometric RPG, part 2-D JRPG, and apparently part MMORPG. These are the best ways one can describe Broken Ranks, an in-development free-to-play MMORPG from Polish developer Whitemoon that brings players into the role of an exile attempting to take back their nation.

Broken Ranks is a story about uniting a scattered nation. It is the tale of a refugee searching for their place in a new world. It is the history of a hero who needs to find strength to restore what the invaders took away from them. It is the record of a brutal reality that brings not only challenges but also opportunities.”

Movement in the game occurs in an isometric view reminiscent of a variety of older western PC RPGs, which makes sense since it’s essentially a remake of the developer’s long-running Polish MMORPG, The Pride of Taern. Combat takes place in a menu-based 2.5-D perspective like many JRPGs; the game touts its active yet tactical nature, with players only having 10 seconds to make their decisions. Players can pick up one of seven classes, and player groups can combine their attacks for some additional synergy.

Broken Ranks is currently being developed for PC but will soon make its way to Mac, iOS, and Android devices. For the time being, the game is in closed beta testing that players can sign up for a chance to join on the game’s website, and a preview trailer can be viewed below.

sources: official site via Reddit

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Chaos Engine

This one looks actually pretty good, but I am a sucker for old school isometric games with hand drawn environments.

Kinda looks like a crossover of Heroes of M&M and… Ashen Empires/Dransik, if anyone but me even remembers those.


I enjoy turn based combat and i also enjoy ARPGs. Would i enjoy both in a same game? Ehhh probably not. I associate ARPGs with speed and button mashing, and turn based combat with tactics and slow approach. I’m not sure how those 2 worlds would gel (even if the decision windows is really fast).

The game does look good though – i really like the art style.