SWTOR’s Dark Descent live on the PTS with its first galactic season – and it’s got a new companion

Last week, BioWare took the wraps off Star Wars The Old Republic’s 6.3 update, The Dark Descent, which is slated for “spring 2021.” And now, you can go muck around in it yourself, as it’s dropped on the PTS in all its glory. As we previously covered, the update is notable for its new Flashpoint, Secrets of the Enclave, as well as the new “Galactic Seasons” reward scheme.

“Secrets of the Enclave: In this new Flashpoint, players will visit the ruins of the Jedi Enclave on Dantooine in pursuit of Darth Malgus. Experience a unique story and fight different enemies based on your alliance to the Empire or the Republic. The Flashpoint’s Story-Solo Mode will not be available on PTS to avoid story spoilers. Only the Veteran Mode can be tested straight away, and the Master mode will be available at a later date.

“Galactic Seasons: Alongside this new Flashpoint, players can test out Galactic Seasons! Players can actively earn unique and exclusive rewards by completing specific Daily and Weekly Conquest Objectives called Priority Objectives. Subscribers will earn bonus rewards!”

Naturally, the always-vibrant SWTOR community has already deep-dived the heck out of the PTS, meaning we’ve already got walkthroughs of everything. Here’s Aviriia’s Secrets of The Enclave tour:

And Swtorista has a guide to the seasonal rewards already – we spy some nifty things, including gobs of new companion gifts, new armors and weapons, new decor (even a gazebo!) and a new companion. He’s a Kubaz named Altuur zok Adon; notably, even free-to-play players can pick him up, although the subber version comes with better perks. Swtorista also details the “credit skip” feature that will allow players to buy their way through part of a season, ostensibly to catch them up if they start midway through.


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Java Jawa

Lots of information to dig into there, a bit unfortunate bioware is giving away some exclusive rewards from old timers, especially when they promised us that they will be one of a kind due to being involved in something time limited.

I ran some rough numbers on the more casual side of things and if you login every day and are subscriber, you’ll be looking at 680 / 800 points. That’s not including the bigger ones.

I can’t say I’m very pleased with that as I don’t -want- to have to be obligated to login every day. It remains yet to be seen how expensive the credit cost will be to play catch up, but my gut tells me if it’s anything like amplifiers it could rack up into the 100,000’s to even 1,000,000’s if you go off of things like legacy unlocks. There is some precedent there already.

From the reward track, what’s got me most interested is the new space dock/fleet apartments. Funny enough people are already complaining about the chat, as if they don’t understand you can turn that off.

James Crow

if there is something i i learn this year is that nothing is exclusive\time limit any more.

about the chat its funny, im always turn it off and only let the clan chat to be visible.

that been said i think i m going to end my subscription in June bc i just dont have time to play just a one game :S

The Doctor

I have multiple chat tab and when on empire side, I hide general chat tab chat and only keep my “story” chat visible since my guild chat is in a separate chatbox.

The Doctor

While I don’t play GW2 much anymore I still connect, log in, and open my daily then log out with both my accounts.. Takes all of a few minutes. When I move away from SWTOR again, as I do from time to time, I will do the same. It’s a few minutes out of my day but I still get the rewards.