Ex-World of Warcraft dev Chris Metzen is making a new Dungeons & Dragons world


World of Warcraft fans who miss seeing the wild and fuzzy face of Chris Metzen are granted visiting privileges this week to check out what the former MMO lead is up to these days. After founding a new company called Warchief Gaming last year, Metzen finally announced his first post-WoW project: a Dungeons & Dragons campaign setting called Auroboros: Coils of the Serpent.

Auroboros is a 5E campaign setting that is drawn from a roleplaying campaign that Metzen ran with his friends back in the 1980s and 1990s. The CCO said that he’s pumped for it: “I’m really excited to be coming back to this world I developed with my friends so long ago. Building this old campaign into a brand new tabletop experience is an ambitious undertaking, but I always knew it would I’d find my way back to Auroboros sooner or later.”

Metzen’s company is getting ready to run a Kickstarter campaign starting April 20th to help fund Auroboros’ first sourcebook, which most likely will be a success considering the thousands of people already following the project.

Steel yourself for the description of Auroboros: “Ancient magic flows through the grimy streets of Lawbrand’s bustling Trade-Cities. Tensions between the ruling Sularian Church and the new generation of upstart adventurers threaten to ignite a firestorm of societal upheaval. In the wilds beyond Lawbrand’s borders, long-forgotten races and newly formed cults rise to claim their own territories – and exert their will upon civilization. And beneath it all, the ancient World-Serpent, Auroboros, awakens to devour all…”

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