Star Wars: The Old Republic to launch update 6.3, The Dark Descent, on April 27


Earlier today, we made a snarky joke about how the next Star Wars: The Old Republic patch has had plenty of its content teased but not yet gotten a hard release date. It turns out that we should have waited just a little bit longer, because the release date for patch 6.3 has just been revealed as April 27th. Yes, that’s tomorrow. Hope you’re finishing up preparation for the patch today, then!

There’s also a new trailer teasing the story of this update as players seek out the ruins of the old Jedi Enclave on Dantooine in search of the formidable Darth Malgus. It’s a short trailer, clocking in at under a minute, but considering you won’t have to wait very long before seeing the patch itself this is perhaps acceptable. So if you’re a fan of the game, it’s time to get hype for tomorrow.

Source: Twitter

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I really need to find the time to catch up on this game. I haven’t played since I finished KotET. Getting the returning character spoiled for me (and the identity of a certain traitor) kind of deflated my enthusiasm. Glad it’s still truckin’ along.