Star Wars The Old Republic lists dates for a number of returning events in June


For those who have already made the Dark Descent in Star Wars: The Old Republic, perhaps you’re looking for a few events to zest up your June playtime. Lucky for you, there’s a calendar of events. Unlucky for you, they’re pretty much all reruns. Unless you missed out on previous event goodies, in which case, lucky for you again!

The month’s events have already kicked off with Bounty Contract Week, which is running between now and June 8th, but moves on with the return of the All Worlds Ultimate Swoop Rally on June 15th, and three different events on June 29th — a Tatooine Rakghoul Resergence event, a double XP event that runs into July 13th, and the return of the Nar Shaddaa Nightlife event. While this all seems same-y, there’s perhaps still some things to look forward to here.

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