V Rising is an upcoming multiplayer survival sandbox with a vampiric twist


We all just sort of assume that being a vampire isn’t easy, what with the need to regularly drink blood from live prey, avoid the sunlight, and amuse yourself through the burden of eternal life. With the advent of the multiplayer survival title V Rising, however, we can all perhaps appreciate just how hard vampiric life truly is, as players won’t have to survive an alien world but a gothic one as their own little Count Dracula. Or Count Duckula.

V Rising comes from Stunlock Studios, developers of the multiplayer arena battler Battlerite. The game promises a vast open world full of mythical beasts, dangerous humans, and a variety of locations from lush forests to dark dungeons and monster lairs. Being a vampire, players will have to ensure they feed themselves properly and schedule their jaunts around a day/night cycle.

Players can further improve their little neck nibbler by learning weapon abilities and vampiric skills, and can even raise their own vampire castle to craft their own dark army and create a hiding place for friends and allies. On the subject of friends, the game can either be played cooperatively or competitively, as players can forge alliances in-game or raid other vampire’s castles. As for combat, it focuses on an active skillshot model with WASD movement and cursor-based aiming one might find in most MOBAs (or perhaps more approriately Battlerite).

A player Q&A with one of the game’s devs provides further insight into V Rising’s features, confirming that nighttime is longer than daytime, pointing out additional threats such as garlic, holy places, angry nuns, and even possibly werewolves, confirming that PvP is full-loot and that dying starts players back to square one naked in a coffin, and word that servers plan to hold 40-80 players and 50 castles, though those numbers might change. Incidentally, V Rising will have private servers that let players focus on PvE or PvP.

V Rising has no set date for its closed beta test, but players can wishlist the game on Steam or sign up for a chance at beta.

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