Closers holds a number of gift-giving events and plans to reset unused character names

This is all fine. Everything's fine.

It appears that Closers is very eager to hand out free stuff to its players as the multiplayer action title has a few gift-giving events on tap. Starting today and only running for 24 hours, players who login can get a celebration box in honor of the character Seha’s birthday. Also starting today is another login event that grants a variety of rewards, with more goodies handed out to those who stay in-game for a total of 10 hours. This event is running until June 9th.

Speaking of June 9th, the game will be clearing out all unused names of players who haven’t logged in since November 1st of 202, which means there’s another gift-giving login event happening that gives out a name-changing UNION Name Tag item upon login and extra free items for those who stay logged in a grand total of 20 hours. Basically, the game would like you to stay online and playing.

source: official site (1, 2, 3)

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