Sandbox Project Gorgon launches Indiegogo for additional funding


Elder Game’s Eric Heimburg and Sandra Powers have today posted a new Indiegogo campaign for the in-development alpha indie sandbox MMORPG Project Gorgon with a $20,000 flexible goal.

The game previously raised nearly $75,000 through Kickstarter in mid 2015, following two unsuccessful crowdfunding rounds, but the game has soldiered on for years. “Since that time, we’ve made significant progress in setting a solid foundation for Project: Gorgon,” Heimburg tells potential backers. “We’ve designed, developed and implemented three new zones along with an entirely unique new player experience. We have implemented dozens of new skills and have added a large number of new items. We’ve added a new animal-friendly town for those players who wish to play one of our unique animal experiences. We’ve completely overhauled our power system and equipment bonuses. We completely rewrote our camera system. We’ve made significant changes to the quest system, added NPCS, guilds, guild missions, player vendors, dispensers, work orders, drowning and a lot of other features. In addition, we’ve recently introduced the Knife skill which is a precursor to the Fairy race and we are currently in the process of a complete GUI overhaul! There are countless other changes, but this should give you a solid understanding of the progress we are making since our initial Kickstarter campaign.”

Heimburg, most notable to MMORPG fans for his work on Asheron’s Call, says he’s turned to Indiegogo to allow PayPal payments, to raise funds from players who missed out on last year’s campaign, to fund pre-release development costs like contractors and server hosting, and to actually continue building the game’s “existing, planned, and ‘wish list’ game features.” The $30 donation tier is the lowest that comes with a Steam copy; $500 will get you additional perks, like specialty housing and five years of VIP membership.

This past weekend, the game rolled out a massive patch, including a Halloween event for alpha players. There’s a brand-new trailer to go with the campaign too!

Source: Indiegogo, press release, official site
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