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Project Gorgon lets players get more stabby, enlists them into the clergy

If you've been missing meaty dev blogs from the Project Gorgon team, then turn that frown upside-down: There's a massive new article up about...

Project Gorgon adds support for player-run challenges

While Project Gorgon is not going to implement a permadeath mode any time soon, the team has put in some tools to allow players...

Project Gorgon ends Indiegogo campaign slightly shy of its $20K goal

After a solid run, Project Gorgon has closed out its Indiegogo campaign just shy of its $20,000 goal. The fantasy MMO designed by Asheron's Call...

Project Gorgon’s latest patch improves the newbie island dungeon

Project Gorgon's latest patch is live this week. Its centerpiece? A major expansion to the newbie dungeon, making it a good time to give...

Project Gorgon crosses fundraising halfway mark, introduces the Fairy race

Good news for Project Gorgon: The indie MMO has crossed the halfway point in its current Indiegogo campaign, raising over $10,000 toward its $20,000...

Make My MMO: Crowfall’s big world playtest, Star Citizen’s alpha 2.6 (December 3, 2016)

This week in MMO crowdfunding news, ArtCraft says over 9000 gamers have been invited to try to break the three alpha servers active during Crowfall's "Big...

Nature cops who punch kraken: Catching up with Project Gorgon’s Eric Heimburg

As many of you are well aware, we here at Massively OP are pretty fascinated with the work being done by MMO industry veterans...

Sandbox Project Gorgon launches Indiegogo for additional funding

Elder Game's Eric Heimburg and Sandra Powers have today posted a new Indiegogo campaign for the in-development alpha indie sandbox MMORPG Project Gorgon with...

The Game Archaeologist: Perpetual’s Star Trek Online

If you're among the legions of Trekkies, then you are almost certainly aware of Cryptic Studios' Star Trek Online. Since early 2010, players have...

Project Gorgon explains Steam delay

Earlier this year, Project Gorgon said that it would be releasing on Steam early access by the end of 2015. This isn't going to...

Project Gorgon wraps up Kickstarter campaign with over $74K

It asked players for $20,000 to add better art and additional features, but what Project Gorgon ended up with was an impressive $74,781. The indie...

Heimburg: Project Gorgon is ‘the most ambitious thing I’ve ever attempted’

It seems like half the Massively staff has been playing Project Gorgon here lately, so we figured it was time to seek out the...

Project Gorgon preps second Kickstarter campaign, adds day-night cycle

Virtual world MMO Project Gorgon is preparing for a third Kickstarter campaign, its creator tweeted this past week. Eric Heimburg confirmed that the team...