Project Gorgon explains Steam delay


Earlier this year, Project Gorgon said that it would be releasing on Steam early access by the end of 2015. This isn’t going to happen, however, and the team wrote a new Kickstarter update to explain the reason for the delay.

“The Steam early access launch is probably our last major opportunity to earn money to improve our art,” Lead Developer Eric Heimburg said. “The Kickstarter money is more than enough to get the game to the finish line, but $75,000 can only buy so much art, no matter how cleverly we spend it. So the Steam launch will help determine how good the game can look.”

To prepare for the Steam launch, Heimberg has been completely redoing the introductory experience and creating a level 60 content area to draw faithful players back to the game. He recapped the progress that’s been made on Project Gorgon this year and said that the Steam release should happen in late January or early February 2016.

Source: Kickstarter. Thanks, Sorenthaz.
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