Project Gorgon’s latest patch improves the newbie island dungeon


Project Gorgon’s latest patch is live this week. Its centerpiece? A major expansion to the newbie dungeon, making it a good time to give the game a try as a newcomer.

“The small dungeon on Anagoge Island has been replaced with a new, much larger dungeon… and it’s only just getting started!” says Elder Game’s Sandra “srand” Powers. “More parts will come online in future updates. If you haven’t played the new-player experience recently, we could use your feedback about the dungeon. Please create a new character, go through the dungeon, and report things that were confusing, that didn’t work, or that were great. (It’s important to tell us what works, too, so we don’t accidentally rip out fun things!)”

Other additions this update include improvements to the shield skill, adjustments to NPCs that train skills, content improvements in Rahu, and… really, you just need to read patch notes like “Basic Ham Omelet and Bacon Lover’s Omelet recipes gave too much Cooking XP on repeats of the recipe” and “Zhao will not take your money to teach you Flower Arrangement if you have already learned Flower Arrangement” yourself.

We spoke to Elder Game’s Eric Heimburg last week, getting confirmation that the team hopes to get the game on Steam early access in February and “out of beta and really launched by Christmas of 2017.”

Source: Official site. Thanks, Jackybah!
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