Dual Universe’s new crowdfunding portal is now live

Slower than a ray of light.

Didn’t get around to backing Dual Universe back when it busted through its Kickstarter goal? Novaquark announced today that it would still like your money, and you can hand it over starting today through the game’s brand-new crowdfunding portal. As explained earlier this month, players will intially be able to pick up pre-order packs akin to those originally available on the Kickstarter, but those founder packs will eventually — likely in January — vanishand be replaced by supporter packs with fewer early bird perks.

“If you have already bought a pack (either during the Kickstarter or since Friday the 18th November on our crowdfunding portal), you will see different discounted prices. This is the amount needed to upgrade your existing pack to a higher one,” the studio notes in its FAQ. “Keep in mind that it’s not possible to upgrade a Kickstarter pledge yet, so the discounted price is there just for information purpose at the moment. We will inform the community as soon as the Kickstarter pledges will be upgradeable on our crowdfunding portal.”

Funding through the portal will continue to contribute to the stretch goals; the next one, at €650,000, adds new combat elements.

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