Mekria Online MMO Kickstarter promises ‘a world of consequence’


Player choices with long-reaching consequences: These are the promises of Mekria Online, a new PvP-heavy MMO that’s seeking some funding to push past the pre-alpha demo stage.

In the game’s FAQ, the devs say that Mekria Online “addresses a large majority of pain points found in today’s MMOs, such as hyper-sexuality, a live balancing system, [and] innovative combat and classes, just to name a few.”

“We will be addressing hyper-sexuality through a more functional armor system; the gameplay of one’s character will changed depending on the armor type they are wearing,” a representative for the game told us.

While there is a lot of emphasis on the game’s PvP system (including the ever-popular bounties), the team did mention that Mekria will sport a robust PvE side as well. The game will feature five races and 10 classes that journey through a world in revolt.

Mekria Online is currently seeking $110,000 through its Kickstarter campaign. An alpha is planned for the first part of this year mid-to-late 2017, with a launch to hopefully happen in late 2018 2020. You can listen to some of the music from the game and check out the Kickstarter pitch after the break.

Source: Mekria OnlineKickstarter. Thanks Anthony!
We’ve updated our article to reflect updates from the studio.
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