Das Tal’s Kickstarter fails, but development continues


Das Tal’s Kickstarter has ended without meeting its €50,000 goal, but it’s not game over for the indie PvP sandbox.

Thanking fans for the nearly €33,000 pledged in crowdfunding, Fairytale Distillery says it plans to reflect on player feedback and “restructure how [it] communicate[s] [its] game to the public” going forward:

Das Tal will continue with development. That is the simplest way to put it. The Kickstarter was never our one and only path, and we would not have kicked it off so early if we were risking everything. We plan to jump straight back into a development push that will see the game improve at a faster rate than it was even during Kickstarter, as we had basically all team members doing at least a little publicity work.

The team has set up a store on its own website to sell directly rewards and tiers akin to those from Kickstarter.

Source: Das Tal press release, Kickstarter.
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