‘Nostalgic’ browser MMORPG Genfanad opens its Kickstarter, immediately hits its $10K ask


Last year we reported on Genfanad, a self-described “nostalgic browser-based MMORPG” that promised to mesh old-school sandbox MMORPG sensibilities with an off-beat sense of humor. In the game’s initial announcement, developer Rose-Tinted Games planned for a crowdfunding drive in September 2021, but that was pushed back in lieu of an alpha event to showcase the starting tutorial and some of the game’s skills.

That little taste of what Genfanad is offering seems to have worked out for the devs, as the game’s Kickstarter went live yesterday and hit its funding goal of $10K in the first seven hours of the campaign. Naturally, this means funding from here on out goes towards stretch goals, with a tailoring skill opened at $12.5K, more character cosmetics at $20K, and the addition of pets at $23K. And for those wondering about the Kickstarter’s low ask, the game’s campaign page notes that the money is meant to “fund the last leg of development and polish the game for release.”

As for the game itself, Genfanad can be playtested now in a browser, with the full release angling for browsers and Steam first, followed by a mobile port post-launch. Before then, there’s a beta test planned to run between July and August, followed by a full release later this year.

source: Kickstarter
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