Browser MMO Genfanad plans an alpha event for September, pushes off Kickstarter


Back in July, we covered a new-to-us browser-based MMORPG called Genfanad, and if you remember anything about it, it’s probably the concept art of a buff Abe Lincoln shaking hands with a medieval knight. As we noted at the time, that bit of weirdo humor is intentional, as the Rose-Tinted Games seeks to turn “traditional RPG tropes on their head” to let you “banter with demon stockbrokers, parlay with eloquent undead and, of course, slay lowly chickens.”

If that sounds like your kind of MMO, then heads-up: There’s a freebie alpha coming up this month.

“Genfanad has today announced that they’ll be hosting an open alpha testing weekend beginning on the 24th of September. This testing weekend will include Genfanad’s tutorial and starting area, as well as showcasing some of the features that will be in the final game, including a variety of skills to level up and monsters to fight. Not only this, but Genfanad is celebrating the occasion by giving away prizes and rewards; including a number of adorable Dragonwyrm plushies, limited-edition stickers, and more.”

Back in July, the studio was planning a Kickstarter for September, but the current press release says it’s been postponed to “early next year.”

Source: Press release, official site
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