Pantheon Rise of the Fallen calls attention to a Monk deep-dive and ‘milestone’ levels for all classes


Earlier this month, Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen put out a newsletter with a couple of interesting features for those who are curious about the game’s development, including a recap of the prior month’s work, updates on the state of crafting and gathering, and some details about the new Monk class, which incidentally has an important mechanical point of note for all of the MMORPG’s classes.

The blog post takes a pretty granular look at the Monk, discussing tuning the class to be an off-tank role, how the addition of techniques change certain abilities, and how unarmed versus staff wielding works (the former for DPS-minded players, the latter for support/off-tanking).

The post also has a “small bean drop” about how leveling for all classes in Pantheon is intended to work. Levels 1-10 are intended to get players acclimated to the basic mechanics of their chosen class, while level 10 is considered a “milestone” level, as levels 10-20 introduce more group-oriented and specialization abilities; in the Monk’s case, level 10 adds the first of five chakra gates while more off-tanking potential is added to the class’ kit.

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