Path of Titans is a new survival sandbox on Indiegogo, slated for early access this year


At this point, when a new online game crops up with no PR outreach asking for money, I think a lot of us hesitate, as we should – we’ve all been burned before. In the case of Path of Titans – no, not that Path of Titans – we’re hopefully not looking like another RAW. This game, built by fledgling studio Alderon Games and based out of Australia with a Twitter history back to January, is not really an MMO; the pitch says it’ll support up to 200 players per server, so it’s more on par with a multiplayer survival sandbox – like ARK: Survival Evolved, its closest cognate.

“Path of Titans will feature an extensive environment you must survive in. Find water, forage for edible plants, and hunt prey in order to avoid death. But that’s just the beginning. Partake in realistic, environment driven quests in order to gain points to put towards improving your character and permanently unlocking skins or new dinosaurs.”

Specific features include persistent toons, customization, questing, groups and guilds, swimming, fishing, crossplatforminess on desktop and mobile (though not through Steam), modding, and of course, extreme attention to dinosaur accuracy. Early access for PC is expected by the end of the year, and those who preorder through Indiegogo will be able to jump in then.

The studio has gobs of videos of its in-progress work on YouTube, but here are the flashiest trailers:

Source: Official site via Reddit
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