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Dino survival MMO Path of Titans lets player critters pounce, pull, and carry other tasty creatures in latest patch

Eating on the run is usually bad form, but when it comes to being a dinosaur in the survival MMO Path of Titans, that...

Dinosaur survival MMO Path of Titans brings nighttime dangers in its May 10 Night Stalker update

Remember Path of Titans? It's a self-described "open-world dinosaur sandbox MMO adventure" that entered closed beta last summer after it tried to raise crowdfunding...

MMOs You’ve Never Heard Of: Second Extinction, State of Survival, and Path of Titans

Welcome to a quick roundup of some MMO and MMO-adjacent titles that have been hanging out in our newsroom waiting for someone to write...

Betawatch: Path of Titans stomps into closed beta

We told you before it happened, but the multiplatform multiplayer survival game Path of Titans is now officially in closed beta for most major...

Multiplayer dinosaur survival sandbox Path of Titans enters closed beta this week

Back in July 2019, we were introduced to Path of Titans, an upcoming large-scale multiplayer dinosaur survival title from developer Alderon Games that was...

Make My MMO: Kickstarter’s RAW deal, Star Citizen’s alpha 3.6 is live

This week in MMO crowdfunding was not a good week for MMO crowdfunding, thanks to RAW, whose Kickstarter campaign was actually canceled by Kickstarter...

Path of Titans is a new survival sandbox on Indiegogo, slated for early access this year

At this point, when a new online game crops up with no PR outreach asking for money, I think a lot of us hesitate,...