Multiplayer dinosaur survival sandbox Path of Titans enters closed beta this week


Back in July 2019, we were introduced to Path of Titans, an upcoming large-scale multiplayer dinosaur survival title from developer Alderon Games that was drawing attention to its Indiegogo crowdfunding drive at the time. It’s been three years since then, and it looks like the title has pushed along to the point that it’s heading to closed beta on Wednesday, July 27th, for consoles, PC, and mobile. Provided you buy in, naturally.

“The cross-platform massively multiplayer survival game invites players to become a dinosaur, evolving from egg to adult in a rich ecosystem filled with 26 dino species, AI creatures, and up to 200 other human players. Explore an environment filled with natural events, all while avoiding death and augmenting your dinosaur to suit your play style.”

In addition to the above features list, Path of Titans is also heralding the addition of the T-Rex to the playable dino roster, which will be part of the closed beta build. The game is making its way to Xbox Game Preview and the PlayStation Store, while the PC and mobile version are bundled together in a single purchase at a starting price of $30; pricing for the console editions of the game wasn’t part of its initial announcement or listed on either console’s digital storefronts at the time of this writing.

sources: press release, official site
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