MMOs You’ve Never Heard Of: Second Extinction, State of Survival, and Path of Titans


Welcome to a quick roundup of some MMO and MMO-adjacent titles that have been hanging out in our newsroom waiting for someone to write about them for waaaaay too long. Survivalboxes, shooters, dinosaurs – we’ve got a lil bit of everything.

Second Extinction: Swedish studio Systemic Reaction announced that it’s pushing Second Extinction out of early access and into the wilds of launch on October 20th on both PC and Xbox. The studio’s calling it a “co-op dinosaur shooter”: “Second Extinction pits teams of up to three players against swarms of bloodthirsty dinos in fast-paced battles across Earth’s post-apocalyptic wastelands. Equip a range of uniquely powerful weapons and abilities and fight on your own or with friends against monstrous dinosaurs long thought extinct — now mutated and deadlier than ever!”

Path of Titans: If you’re still hungry for dinosaurs after all that, you can give Alderon Games’ Path of Titans a go. This one’s an “open-world dinosaur sandbox MMO adventure” that hit beta this summer on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox, and it rolled into beta on Switch in the middle of August too. We do need to stress that devs are calling this “massively multiplayer” very specifically, though servers are capped at 200 players.

State of Survival: Publisher FunPlus says State of Survival has now been running three years with 150M downloads across PC and mobile. The company calls it a “strategy” title, which is super vague and calls to mind RTS/TBS games, but in reality it’s more like an open-world PvP survivalbox with some expensive cash-shop offerings. (It’s kinda like H1Z1 if H1Z1 were still being properly updated, eh?)

Drop us a tip with more games we’ve never (or only lightly) covered!

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