EG7 Q4 2023: DCUO’s delayed latest-gen console launch hurt Daybreak’s revenues last quarter

While bigger games companies continue to flail, EG7 actually managed to grow last year, as its latest investor report demonstrates, with overall revenues up...

Leaderboard: What’s the most vulnerable Daybreak MMO in 2024?

Every year when it comes time to update this poll for January, I consider tossing it out. But the last few years of Daybreak...
Hooray, everything is meaningless.

Z1 Battle Royale, formerly H1Z1, kicks back to a semi-charmed kind of life

Some failed online games die virtually overnight, while others linger on as shuffling zombies that refuse to quit moving. H1Z1 certainly isn't the former,...

One Shots: Come on and give us a hug!

Normally I'm all about hugs. Hugs make you feel accepted and protected and -- on a cold day -- allow you to leech heat...

Naughty Dog cancels The Last of Us Online owing to ‘the massive scope of [its] ambition’

Naughty Dog - a studio that's primarily known for its single-player titles - was looking to enter our sphere of the gaming world when...

Shit-stirring happens: DayZ and Icarus offer survival fans discount in cheeky ‘The Day After’ deal

Considering Fntastic's week of self-inflicted woes, we can't really blame the marketing departments of Bohemia Interactive and Rocketwerkz for taking advantage of the situation,...
Doomsday Survivors

Grab a new-player survivor pack key for IGG’s zombie survival MMO Doomsday: Last Survivors

If zombie survival games are still tugging at your nostalgia heartstrings, you might point your brainssss at IGG's Android-and-iPhone Doomsday Last Survivors. The company...
Bye, I guess.

Vague Patch Notes: Pivots don’t work with MMOs

So we can pretty much confirmed now that Pantheon's goose is thoroughly cooked. Yes, I know, the folks at Visionary Realms are claiming that...

Projekt Z Beyond Order is a co-op FPS where players get to kill Nazi zombies

There's something about FPS games and an alt-history WWII where the Nazis muck around with the undead that just seems to go hand-in-hand. We...

EG7 hopes to develop a new EverQuest MMORPG (EverQuest 3?) for 2028 after years of rumors

So, who had EverQuest 3 announcement on the 2023 predictions list? We award you half points for your prescience tonight. Admittedly, a new installment in...

The MOP Up: Warhammer 40K Rogue Trader adds multiplayer coop

Turn-based CRPG Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader announced that it will be including coop multiplayer with its PC launch (there is no date yet set,...

Perfect Ten: Times when MMOs brought about world-shattering cataclysms

The notion of an in-game cataclysm is hardly the sole domain of Activision-Blizzard; on the contrary, large-scale apocalypses pop up all the time in...
Dead impact.

The Daily Grind: How can MMOs make necromancy more interesting?

With RuneScape finally -- ahem -- unearthing necromancy for its fans, playing with dead things has never seemed so relevant. Or messy. I mean,...

EG7 Q2 2023: Daybreak’s MMORPGs are ‘predictably stable’

It's starting to look as if the Daybreak-run EG7 conglom is finally at the end of its bonkers revenue run: According to the Swedish...

The Stream Team: Zombies rise in Backseat Streaming’s Undawn

In an era of armchair warriors, we bring you Backseat Streamers! Here, Massively OP’s Chris and MJ get to take a backseat and watch...

Working As Intended: My 20 years of Star Wars Galaxies

Last year, when Ultima Online turned 25 years old, I did a piece reminiscing on those early days and marveling that so much of...

Tencent’s Undawn, an open-world survival RPG starring Will Smith, launches globally

If you want to get your new open world survival RPG noticed against the ever-expanding field of competitors, you need to have some sort...
Ox in, free.

The MOP Up: Neverwinter buffs its companion healing factor by up to 100%

Neverwinter's medically minded companions received a massive infusion of green numbers this past week, as Cryptic buffed those particular pets by a significant amount. "We...

The MOP Up: Netmarble and Take-Two finances are powered by MMOs

We have a couple more earnings reports to, er, report to you today. Netmarble's Q1 2023 financials reported $472.4M in revenue, with MMORPGs making...

Will Smith headlines Tencent’s mobile survival MMO Undawn, launching June 15

Tencent's Level Infinite and LightSpeed Studios have announced today that Undawn is coming in June - June 15th, to be exact. The post-apoc open-world...