Tibia dev previews guild features for its new zombie MMO Persist Online


Persist Online, the self-described “true, old-school MMORPG – but with zombies, guns, and baseball bats instead of orcs, mages, and spells” that’s totally not just a multiplayer PvP shooter, has added another staple feature of our wider genre: guilds.

Much of the game’s guild system is pretty well known to us MMO fans, with all of the hallmarks like various leadership roles and their associated access to guild-specific features as well as guild perks. Establishing a guild requires in-game cash and additions to membership is invite-only, while guilds themselves can be as small as eight people or expand to as large as 50 as a guild gains experience.

Yes, there is guild XP, which is earned by completing guild quests: Guild leaders select one out of 12 randomly generated tasks that refresh every 30 minutes. These quests are broken up into kill quests or harvesting quests, and have five different difficulty levels that offer commensurate rewards. Guilds can also sometimes find rare quests that have doubled rewards for completing. When a guild levels up, it earns a point that can be spent on extra perks for members.

This system is part of the closed build’s latest patch, which also added more equipment types to certain enemies, updated the names of reworked skills, and applied a long list of bug fixes.

source: official site (1, 2)
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