Dino survival MMO Path of Titans lets player critters pounce, pull, and carry other tasty creatures in latest patch



Eating on the run is usually bad form, but when it comes to being a dinosaur in the survival MMO Path of Titans, that can sometimes be your only option. Player creatures can now exercise the right to carry prey, as well as the ability to latch, pounce, or drag their chosen unhappy meal with last week’s appropriately named Pounce Update.

The abilities themselves are named precisely that: pounce, latch, drag, and carry, along with counter maneuvers like shake off, new AoE abilities, and even group buffs, all of which are designed to add new dimensions to dino vs. dino combat, whether it’s between individual creatures or larger group brawls.

While pouncing is the name of the update (both literally and figuratively), there are other features for players to enjoy as well, including the all-new massive Eurhinosaurus, updated stats for 25 of the game’s subspecies, multiple visual and performance optimizations, improvements to swimming and fishing, and a dynamic music system, among other features. It’s sure to be a critter crunching good time. Assuming you’re the cruncher and not the crunchee.

For those who don’t remember, Path of Titans is a self-described “open-world dinosaur sandbox MMO adventure” that entered closed beta last summer after it tried to raise crowdfunding cash in 2019 via Indiegogo. Developer Alderon Games still calls the game a closed beta title but has released it on multiple platforms including PC via its own launcher, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch consoles.

sources: press release, official site
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