Fractured Veil’s November patch improves performance and item persistence


With the recent decision to delay the start of its early access until next January, Fractured Veil’s subsequent development is of increased concern to us. How will the studio be using these extra months to shore up the post-apocalyptic survival game and its backend?

We can get a partial answer to that question with this past week’s update that promised “a more reliable gameplay experience” and improved visuals. This patch represents the first attempt at a performance pass, as well as work on server stability and item persistence.

“Since we shifted our early access release date, we scaled back some of the added features originally planned for launch, so this new build doesn’t have everything we are still working on included,” the studio reported. “However, it does have a bunch of the stuff we’ve been working on, including a first pass on performance, server stability and significant improvements over item persistence issues many of you reported!”

Source: Steam
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