Exoprimal is introducing Monster Hunter cosmetics and a Rathalos fight January 18


The team-based PvPvE shooter Exoprimal already has players facing plenty of monsters in the form of swarms of dinosaurs, but when the game’s Season 3 kicks off on Thursday, January 18th, 2024, players will have to be facing some more literal monsters when the world of Monster Hunter crosses into the game.

“The Exoprimal x Monster Hunter collaboration includes a ferocious new mission where Leviathan conjures a Rathalos and swarms of Velociprey for a combat test unlike any other. Exofighters must join forces in the Spacetime Abyss and hunt as a team to survive against the iconic fire-breathing “King of the Skies” in a 10-player co-op boss battle.”

Capcom’s self-referential crossover also brings some MonHun-styled cosmetics for Exoprimal’s cast of characters, including a Rathalos armor skin for Murasame, a Kirin armor skin for Skywave, a Nergigante outfit for Barrage, and a Rajang skin for Roadblock.

Season 3 isn’t only bringing literal monster fights, as the game will also receive a Neo Triceratops boss encounter, a new jungle map, four new Beta variant Exosuits, and new rigs and modules. Capcom has also teased Season 4 features like a 10-player co-op challenge mode and a custom match mode that lets friends play the game together more easily.

Until then, you can listen to the distinct screech of a Rathalos in a teaser trailer that you have to watch on YouTube directly because apparently seeing Rathalos get attacked by people in robot suits is too spicy to embed anywhere else. The title is also free-to-play this weekend on Steam and Xbox as well as on sale until November 29th.

source: press release
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