PSA: Level up your Black Desert Shai by July 24 for serious in-game rewards


As I write this, I’m scrambling to get my Black Desert Shai leveled up to 58. Why? Well if you get your Shai to level 58 before maintenance on July 24th, Kakao is promising to reward you with a cool 500 mil. That’s a good bit of money for people who need to score that last bit of boss gear, some memory fragments, or an ogre ring (or three) to blow up.

The timing can get confusing, so don’t forget: Black Desert usually does its regular maintenance at 4 a.m. EDT (8:00 a.m. UTC/1:00 a.m. PDT). Ideally, you should be finished up by the 23rd. Don’t start at midnight on the 24th thinking you still have all day!

A few quick tips: Have someone power level you at mirumok ruins; you can get this done in like an hour. Bring your exp scrolls, grab your exp food buffs, go on a server where a player used an experience bell, and take advantage of the weekend’s experience buff event. Oh, and don’t forget you also have a daily experience bonus.

Now go out there and flood the game with halflings and donkeys!

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Toy Clown

I’m sitting at 56.62%. I’ll do an experience push tomorrow evening and if anything’s left, will toss the character on the dummies. I got caught up in FFXIV, but now that I’ve had my fill of random-dungeon-stranger-danger for a while, leveling the shai and working on the bathing suit reward in BDO is right up my alley.


Oof. Event started a month ago, if you’re waiting for the last 4-5 days before the event ending to get started on this not sure what to say really. That’s some next level procrastination.


500M silver is a nice sum but Shai is seriously off-putting with the voice-over sounding like 8yo child.

Also “Have someone power level you at mirumok ruins” isn’t realistic* so the question is – how long it takes to level up to 58 now by myself? Previously it could take up to two weeks.

* isn’t there the stupid xp cap at 50 till the quest is done?

Hikari Kenzaki

Naw, when you get to 49 it’s basically just using an item in your inventory to confirm you’re accepting PvP.


Really depends on your equipment. If you have the capacity to make a decent weapon (+15 anything, black abyssal, etc) then you can smash through leveling super fast in this game now even without power leveling.

Personally I just follow the Black Spirit quests now as you unlock inventory slots that you’re going to end up doing anyways and I generally hit 56 with a smidge of grinding by the time I’m done with Valencia (takes a few days). After I couldn’t be bothered to level the Shai to 58 so I spent like 50 million or so on overnight AFK training and got her from 56-58 that way and pocketed 450m instead.

The latest meta developing is the quest changes they made where higher end quest regions are giving huge amounts of XP from questing. This makes 56-61 just a matter of pounding out quests which synergizes well with the Rulupee rewards for quest count on your account. For example people have been going from 60-61 doing side quests in Kama/Dreighan in a few hours but this drops off entirely post 61.