Lord of the Rings Online defends its decision to plunge back underground in Update 40


As Lord of the Rings Online players dig into Update 40’s current test build, many questions have popped up about the new underground regions — including why the studio is plunging people back into such places.

“How many years is enough years before we go underground again? Three years felt like enough time,” said game designer Jeff Libby to a complaint about the implementation of The Nethers. “Nobody loves their outdoor environments as much as a LOTRO player does!”

Testers are also discovering the restriction against mounts (due to game performance concerns) and one area that will require you to team up with one or two other players for safety. “We want this to be a small fellowship-style area with sections that might require savvy play or more members to tackle them,” SSG said.

Also catch up on the latest Friday devstream covering the Update 40 testing and anniversary celebrations:

Source: YouTube
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