The Game Archaeologist’s ultimate MMO archives v2.0

This was once controversial!

While The Game Archaeologist columns take up the most time of any project I do here at Massively OP, I absolutely love doing them for a few reasons. One, personal discovery and learning of MMOs that I was previously ignorant about is very interesting to me. Two, I want to document and preserve as much MMO history that I can before it fades into obscurity. And three, I get to talk about MMOs that are much different than the crop of modern titles that get the most press.

As I did around last Christmas, I’m once again delivering a comprehensive guide to all of the articles in this series sorted by decade and category so that perhaps you, too, may discover a few MMOs you never knew existed and trace the fascinating course of this genre’s history. Enjoy!


Proto-MMOs from the 1970s and 1980s

MMOs from the 1990s

MMOs from the 2000s

MMOs that never launched


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