christmas 2018

One Shots: Selfish selfies

Hey! Hey man, what do you think you're doing? You're a bleeding Division agent, all right? You're the thin line that holds back anarchistic...

One Shots: Event horizon ahoy!

Just a word of neighborly advice, but if you ever find yourself this near to a black hole, you might as well take screenshots...
Where am I? No one gets to know.

Interview: Legends of Aria’s dungeon expansion, early access, ganking, housing, and cash shop philosophy

Indie old-school sandbox MMORPG Legends of Aria has become a household name among MMO players over the last few months, first rolling into early...

Two months later, classic Ingress has better reviews than the buggy Ingress Prime reboot

When Niantic rebooted Ingress as Ingress Prime back in November, it was after a year of work effectively porting the classic MMOARPG to Pokemon Go's...

One Shots: 100% pure nightmare fuel

Oh hey! Nice to see you there! Do you think that you can stop screaming quite so loud? Yes, I know that our header...

Superhero MMO Ship of Heroes shows off group combat and shopping

Ship of Heroes just keeps on churning out the content videos! This week's entry in Heroic Games' long list of previews (26 videos and...

The MOP Up: Diablo III’s anniversary dungeon returns

Anyone who missed out on Diablo III's anniversary dungeon can get back in on the fun and rewards thanks to its reprise all month...
We have a bank!

RuneScape hits record highs: 1M subs, 5M mobile downloads

It wasn't for nothing that Massively OP gave RuneScape our "Most Improved MMO" award last month. The long-running fantasy MMORPG saw a year of...

One Shots: Bullet hell

If you ever find yourself staring down an impossible spray of projectiles and energy blasts flying every which way and you freeze like a...
Yarr, cut out all carbs, got much lighter.

Global Chat: How do we fight early access disasters?

With the year in MMOs ending on a sour note due to the botched rollouts of both Fallout 76 and Atlas, blogger Endgame Variable...

The Stream Team: Sending 2018 off with a Seasons Greedings bang in DC Universe Online

Villainy does not take a break for the holidays! Oh no, dastardly deeds continue unabated -- or even increase! Massively OP's MJ won't stand...

Massively OP’s 2018 Blooper Awards: Schlag meme of the year

Massively OP's not-so-serious end-of-the-year awards conclude today with our blooper award for Schlag meme of the year. This is one of my favorite awards of the year. As our our regulars surely know, Schlag Sweetleaf is our resident comment section Master of the Meme, who crafts everything from weird to gross to hilarious gifs for big stories. He's amazing. Giving him his own award every year is the least we can do!

One Shots: Dance like the moon is watching

As we digest all of those Christmas hams and cookies while replacing our bloodstream with eggnog, it's a good time of the year to...

The Stream Team: Wakfu’s Kwismas event

Christmas Day may be over, but Kwismas is still in full swing! Wafu's holiday event runs until 4:00 a.m. EST on January 8th, 2019,...

The Stream Team: Enjoying Neverwinter’s Winter Festival of Simril

It's past December 25th? Well, Christmas is not over, not as long as there are celebrations to attend! So says Massively OP's MJ as...

The Stream Team: A snowball’s chance in ArcheAge

What is one way to get Massively OP's MJ into an ArcheAge PvP arena? Make it a snowball fight! She just has to see...

Daybreak found another 6000 $300 lifetime subs to sell, somehow

A week before Christmas, Daybreak announced that it was selling a $300 lifetime sub for its current stable of MMORPGs: a new version of...

The Stream Team: Solving the second half of Secret World Legends’ Krampusnacht puzzle

What do you call an investigation mission that take time to suss out? Massively OP's MJ calls it awesome! Secret World Legend's 2018 Krampusnacht...
Caw! Polly is no longer the apex predator!

Atlas struggles to right a ship that is carrying thousands of hopeful players as the global pirate war begins

If you predicted that Atlas' launch would be a hot mess, then give yourself a hearty pat on the back (and, really, join the...

The Stream Team: MapleStory 2 puts the cute in Christmas

After the hustle and bustle and stress of the season, who doesn't need a little injection of cuteness into their Christmas? Massively OP's Chris...