Superhero MMO Ship of Heroes shows off group combat and shopping


Ship of Heroes just keeps on churning out the content videos! This week’s entry in Heroic Games’ long list of previews (26 videos and counting!) focuses on the game’s winter holiday events, specifically combat and wintery mobs being taken on by a seven-man team that includes a tank, four DPS, and two DPS/healers.

“This video shows several new game mechanics,” says Heroic. “First are waves of extradimensional monsters invading the FHS Justice. Each wave spawns once enough of the previous wave has been defeated by the heroes. The video also shows brand-new temporary power-ups called infusions being used in-game. Finally, players can now buy infusions; this is the first time we have seen vendors working in Ship of Heroes.”

Ooooh, did somebody say shopping?! Beta is still scheduled to roll out by the end of 2019.

Source: Official site, press release

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For an alpha, it looks good. Keep up the hard work and you’ll have something.

Dug From The Earth

Conceptually im impressed

I just have to keep telling myself to ignore the elements that hopefully are just related to it being beta (or alpha?)

Such as:

Characters stiffly not animating as you turn them in place
Power effects not linking to the animation of the cast (throwing a fireball from your hands and then suddenly it shooting out from the center of your character model)
The obviously place holder health bars, damage numbers and ground targeting markets.
The completely brain dead AI of enemies.

Magnus Itland

Still alpha. Continuous beta is scheduled for December if all goes to schedule. (Which I have never heard of happening with a superhero MMORPG, but you never know.)

IronSalamander8 .

It looks cool but the combat also looked more static than I expected; like people being perfectly still instead of in a ‘combat stance’ kind of thing and then suddenly attacking with a decent animation and then returning to a very neutral stance. Probably just due to it still in alpha I would guess though.


This is looking so awesome! I can so see myself playing this.


This looks good to me.

Love the last picture of all the monsters.

Looks like Candy Claws, Scarlet Night, and maybe Thunder Snow.