Overwatch releases a new short story and confirms that yes, Soldier 76 is gay

this isn't sad at all alexa play dogsong

Poor Ana, she got a bit short-sold on her own short story. Yes, Overwatch’s healing sniper gets her own bit of short fiction, but the biggest takeaway from the story for many fans has been the fact that Soldier 76 is most definitely gay. The story specifically mentions his relationship with a man named Vincent which he had to leave behind, and lead writer Michael Chu took to Twitter to clarify that Morrison himself specifically identifies as a gay man.

The game has also put up a new update on the test server for players to explore, which features quality-of-life features like improved kill information when spectating, including new types of kills and the status effects of the heroes you’re spectating at any given moment. You can also have the spectator camera stay locked in position and disable hero voice lines if you wish to. All good changes, although they’re likely to be overshadowed by the fans happy to hear that the cast has another confirmed LGBT member.

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