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It's sort of like compensation.

A Blizzard dev cleverly yoinked a decade of WoW sub time before layoffs

It's one thing to leverage a whole mountain of in-game gold into being able to play World of Warcraft for free, but it's another...

Diablo Immortal offers a slightly gussied-up ‘new’ trailer

Shh, don't worry. We won't spoil your deepest, darkest secret -- you know, the one about how you're actually still kind of interested in...

WoW Classic trumpets the start of the Ahn’Qiraj war effort

It may be strange to consider, but the 2020 opening of Ahn'Qiraj in WoW Classic may actually be a bigger deal than it was...

There are multiple heroes planned for Heroes of the Storm this year, and there’s snow falling now

It's been a quiet first half of the year in Heroes of the Storm, but players have been promised that there are multiple new...

Overwatch tests Echo while Heroes of the Storm preps ancient Greece event

It's been a homecoming long in the making, but finally Echo is arriving in Overwatch. The game's 32nd hero is currently on the test...
More like Dia-BLOWs, right?

A LinkedIn profile adds more fuel to the Diablo animated series fire

The rumor about a Diablo animated series has been running for ages now, and the latest bit of evidence that this is a real thing comes...

World of Warcraft Shadowlands is getting a prequel novel called Shadows Rising

If for some reason you're still really hoping that Blizzard will pull some good storytelling in World of Warcraft, maybe point your eyeballs to...
Shoulder touch.

World of Warcraft is encountering some major bugs on Macs following patch 8.3

So it turns out that ever since the arrival of patch 8.3, World of Warcraft players on Macs have had the potential to experience all...
Cargo cult.

Blizzard is not planning World of Warcraft 8.3.5, so N’Zoth is the last big thing until Shadowlands

If you had been hoping for more heritage armor, system expansion, or anything else in World of Warcraft ahead of Shadowlands... well, your hopes appear to...

Editing tags may reveal the identity of a character in the Diablo IV cinematic trailer

It's going to be a long while before we have any sort of release date for Diablo IV or anything more than scraps of...

VKLiooon sweeps the Hearthstone Grandmasters to become the first woman to win a global championship

Yes, a Hearthstone esports event is what put Blizzard into a humongous mess, but let's take a moment away from that for the sake...
Very mature.

World of Warcraft: Classic’s inevitable goldsellers are using modern chat functions to advertise

Gold selling isn't nearly as much of a thing on modern World of Warcraft like it used to be; the existence of the WoW Token...

Fan ports the original Diablo to the Nintendo Switch

You can already play Diablo III on the Nintendo Switch, but can you play the entire series? Not yet, but you can play the...

Mike Morhaime waxes nostalgic about the crunch of early Blizzard

Do you miss Mike Morhaime? The former Blizzard president stepped off the main stage last fall as he handed the reins of the studio...

World of Warcraft’s foxy Vulpera look more likely as a playable race

Along with the proposed "level squish," the evidence for the addition of the fox-like Vulpera as a playable race in World of Warcraft is...

A recent World of Warcraft player survey apparently confirms an incoming level squish

The nature of World of Warcraft's expansion releases and design philosophy means that every expansion adds another stack of levels on top of the...

World of Warcraft: Classic dragon griefing, Argus redux, and BFA end boss

Fun fact: Did you know that Blizzard had originally been considering Argus -- the late Legion content update -- as its own full-fledged expansion?...
Bear bomb!

World of Warcraft is putting its Recruit-a-Friend program on hiatus

Farewell, Recruit-a-Friend program. You've helped us introduce a small number of friends to World of Warcraft and helped a large number of multiboxers boost up...
Just absolute galaxy brain

WoW Factor: Guessing at the next World of Warcraft expansion announcement using math

Here's the genesis of this particular article: I saw speculation over on Blizzard Watch that we were about a year too early for a World...

Blizzard decides to skip Gamescom 2019 as part of cost-cutting efforts

The con circuit has always been a sort of expected course for games companies to run, like the Tour de France except with less...