Overwatch tests Echo while Heroes of the Storm preps ancient Greece event


It’s been a homecoming long in the making, but finally Echo is arriving in Overwatch. The game’s 32nd hero is currently on the test servers in preparation for its arrival into the game proper.

Echo specializes in damage and adapting to the battlefield, which is helped by its ability to copy other characters’ abilities. Game Director Jeff Kaplan is pretty excited to finally include the character: “Echo is a really special character for us in that our players have known about her for a very long time. Players had actually seen Echo in earlier versions of the artwork for Overwatch. She was featured in the Reunion cinematic, where McCree frees her from the Deadlock Gang.”

Not to be overlooked in the Blizzard pantheon, Heroes of the Storm is revving up an ancient Greece event for its MOBA players. Blizzard Watch spied some art assets and skins that point to a Hellenistic myth rollout for the game.


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