Not so much.

Vague Patch Notes: Queues do not tell the story of an MMO’s success

It's time to talk about queues to log in to a game, and you know what game we have to talk about in this...
Have you heard?!

The Daily Grind: What’s the weirdest activity you’ve charged MMO currency for?

As City of Heroes Homecoming tests long-awaited recycling rules for abandoned names and characters, I've been contemplating what to do with some of the...
I'm purely decorative!

City of Heroes Homecoming’s Issue 27 Page 4 goes live with its new music-wielding powersets

The testing phase has ended, and the live update is now available for the Homecoming rogue server of City of Heroes. Issue 27 Page...

Fan site compiles a list of every MMORPG rogue server and emulator still running

Not every emulator project is as popular or as well known as Star Wars Galaxies Legends or City of Heroes Homecoming. To help bring...

City of Heroes Homecoming is testing a new bard-themed control powerset for i27p4

Well this is convenient: Just as I was thinking about playing some City of Heroes, the Homecoming rogue server drops a juicy beta patch...

MapleStory tweaks explorer classes in latest update and takes applications for player-built content in Project MOD

The latest news coming out of MapleStory might come as a surprise to players and fans of the side-scrolling MMORPG. We begin with the...

Interview: ArcheAge’s Ham Young Jin on the Great Prairie, the western build, and beyond

ArcheAge is on the cusp of a big update this week as the Great Prairie releases on June 23rd, bringing with it a huge...

Choose My Adventure: Sampling a quick serving of player creativity in City of Heroes Rebirth

Even though City of Heroes Rebirth is a smaller rogue server in comparison to others out there, I was happy to notice that there...

Choose My Adventure: My life as a Guardian in City of Heroes Rebirth

Can the introduction of a completely different class change the entire makeup of an MMO’s experience? That is often the bet pushed forward by...

Choose My Adventure: Final Fantasy XI’s PlayOnline decides to not let me play online

This was not how I was expecting to return to Final Fantasy XI. I always knew about the completely goofball account system that is...

Stream Team: MOP celebrates City of Heroes’ anniversary

Does a game have to be live to celebrate the anniversary of its creation? No! But it is pretty great if there is still...

The Stream Team: Fighting against the Dreaded Mapserver in City of Heroes

Just because April Fools' Day has come and gone doesn't mean that we can't take part in some seasonal silliness! For instance, the Homecoming...

April Fools’ Day around the MMO world, 2022 edition

Whether you love it or dread it, April Fools' Day is happening everywhere, specifically to annoy copyeditors who have to fix that dang apostrophe...

Choose My Adventure: Why does The Secret World feel so bad to play?

The Secret World is a good game. A great one, even. It’s worthy of all of the praise and adoration it gets from its...

The Stream Team: Doing some duo things in City of Heroes Homecoming

You know when inspiration strikes and you have a new character to build? That's what MOP's Chris experienced in City of Heroes' rogue server...

The Stream Team: Another run through Architect missions in City of Heroes Homecoming

Chris is back in Paragon City, specifically at Architect Entertainment as he leaps into the player-made goodness waiting in City of Heroes rogue server...

Perfect Ten: The best value MMOs at the start of 2022

One of the reasons that I have been a huge fan of MMORPGs for nearly two decades now is that they offer a terrific...

Into the Super-verse: A look back at superhero MMOs in 2021

Superhero fans were not lacking in news, games, and events this past year, and there's always the promise of much more to come in...

The Daily Grind: Which MMO has the best player community as of 2021?

I'm a partisan on this one: I have never been in an MMORPG with a better community than Lord of the Rings Online's. A couple...

Massively OP’s 2021 Awards: Best MMO Rogue Server

Welcome back to Massively Overpowered's formal end-of-the-year awards! Today's award is for the Best MMO Rogue Server of 2021, which is actually one of our...