The Stream Team: The further adventures of a City of Heroes Homecoming alt

MOP's Chris once again is feeling that random urge to hop into the City of Heroes: Homecoming rogue server for an alt leveling good...

The Stream Team: Feeding the alt machine in City of Heroes Homecoming

Long-time players of City of Heroes know that about 90% of the endgame in the MMORPG is creating alts, and MOP's Chris is certainly...

SWGEmu’s Finalizer rogue server is apparently struggling to make its monthly budget

One of the topics that doesn't get talked about all that much in the MMORPG rogue server space is how old-school emulators get paid...

The Stream Team: Trying out the Storm Blast powers for real in City of Heroes Homecoming

Last time in the Homecoming rogue server of City of Heroes, MOP's Chris was peeking at the Storm Blast powerset in the PTS. This...

Grab a Lords Mobile new player bundle in honor of its How to Train Your Dragon crossover

File this one under "weird collabs, but not even the oddest one we've covered today because it's been one of those days": IGG's seven-year-old multiplayer...

City of Heroes’ Homecoming drops i27p6 patch with Storm Blast and new story arcs

Just a few weeks ago, we covered the testing of a brand-new patch on the City of Heroes Homecoming rogue server, one that included...

The Stream Team: Kicking the tires of the new Storm Blaster in City of Heroes Homecoming

The Homecoming rogue servers of City of Heroes are testing out a new Blaster powerset, and MOP's Chris is eager to throw the weather...

City of Heroes Homecoming is testing two new arcs and a Storm Blast powerset

If you know anything about me and City of Heroes, it's probably that I have an absurdly huge number of storm characters. I just...

The Stream Team: Leveling toons on City of Heroes’ Homecoming rogue server

Today's stream is another one of those broadcasts that holds no greater motive or motivations beyond playing the game: MOP's Chris wants to fire...

Grab a Lords Mobile gift bundle key in honor of its seventh birthday

IGG's multiplayer mobile-and-PC strategy MMO Lords Mobile is turning seven years old this week, I'm astonished to report, and to celebrate, the Singapore-based studio...

Massively Overthinking: The MMO characters we want to love but don’t

A few weeks ago, MOP reader Neurotic pinged the MOP Podcast with a question about characters we want to love but just don't. He...

One Shots: Flash, flash, hundred-yard dash

Rumor is, if you can run fast enough, you can accomplish just about anything. Go back in time? Sure. Quick dry jeans? Definitely. Continually...

The Stream Team: Further adventures of the Anklemuncher and friends in City of Heroes Homecoming

Last week, MOP's Chris put together a new character in the City of Heroes Homecoming rogue server, a little goblin Stalker critter by the...

The Stream Team: Feeding the altoholic need in City of Heroes Homecoming

It's a long understood fact that creating alts for City of Heroes is the true endgame, and MOP's Chris is going to partake in...

The Stream Team: A visit to City of Heroes’ classic holiday event in the Homecoming rogue server

If it's Christmas, then it's got to be the ski chalet in City of Heroes. MOP's Chris is going to head back to this...

Choose My Adventure: All the MMOs you made us play in 2022

This has been a pretty challenging year for a lot of reasons, and my 2022 in Choose My Adventure certainly didn't feel any different...

City of Heroes’ Rebirth and Homecoming rogue servers kick off their respective holiday events

Christmas has come to the rogue servers of City of Heroes, and whether you're looking for some classic festivities or a seasonal event with...

Choose My Adventure: Running face-first into the brick wall that is Neocron

It's not often an MMO makes me ragequit, but hoo baby did I ever do that with Neocron. I'll digest on why I think I...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 394: To pre-patch or not to pre-patch

Justin and Bree discuss New World's Brimstone Sands, World of Warcraft's Dragonflight prepatch, LOTRO's inbound QOL improvements, City of Heroes Homecoming's big balance patch, and FFXIV's 6.25, with adventures in LOTRO, WoW, and CoH, plus a mailbag topic on useless inventory clutter in MMOs.

City of Heroes’ Homecoming rogue server has Halloween goodness on offer until November 1

Just in case you weren't already aware, the Homecoming rogue server of City of Heroes has been rocking the creepy season all month long...