World of Warcraft: Dragonflight gets a November 28 release date

Oh, to pretend to believe.

Here we go: World of Warcraft: Dragonflight has a release date scheduled, and it’s soon. Not “next week” soon, no, but “put in your vacation requests now” soon. The expansion launches on November 28th, unlocking the Evoker (and its concurrent Dracthyr race), dragonriding flight, and of course the Dragon Isles for players to explore at the end of November. For those curious, this also means in turn that the first raid of the expansion will launch on December 13th at all difficulty levels.

This marks a distinctly fast turnaround for the expansion compared to previous World of Warcraft expansions, with Dragonflight having been announced in April of this year. Keep your eyes peeled as the expansion moves forward into launch and release. And hey, at least it releases just late enough that you won’t have to practice telling family members at the Thanksgiving table that you have to go do a “thing” for “reasons” so you can log back onto your Evoker.

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