Homecoming celebrates City of Heroes’ 20th anniversary with a Paragon Studios dev Q&A


Believe it or not, this week marks the 20th anniversary of the launch of the original City of Heroes – and naturally, the officially licensed Homecoming-branded City of Heroes servers are planning a fitting celebration. Didn’t you just love reading the words “officially licensed” just now? Same, my friends. Same.

Beginning on April 30th, the game worlds will begin spawning anniversary time capsules stuffed with tokens, temp powers, vanity pets, and badges; there’s a set of huge multishard costume contests slated for May 19th and May 26th; and best of all, later in May, the Homecoming team will be hosting a massive Q&A with a whole roster of original Paragon developers, including War Witch and BABs. I mean, honestly, look at this list.

HC devs are asking players to submit questions for the devs in a thread through May 1st, though it’s a pretty good bet they’re not going to answer anything too spicy, so you can probably skip those. Ahem.

If you’re just now finding out that City of Heroes is playable again… welcome back! The game was revived as a net of public rogue servers back in 2019, and as of January 2024, NCsoft officially granted Homecoming the license to run as a F2P setup. Have fun!

Source: Homecoming
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