There are multiple heroes planned for Heroes of the Storm this year, and there’s snow falling now


It’s been a quiet first half of the year in Heroes of the Storm, but players have been promised that there are multiple new heroes currently in development and planned for this year, even if there isn’t more than one planned for the near term. And while we’re not quite to the point of having a teaser or an announcement yet, there is a hint… specifically, the fact that the game is currently filled with a gentle snowfall.

Of course, this raises the specter of several possibilities; it could mean Mei from Overwatch is on the way, or Sindragosa from World of Warcraft, or even more obscure characters from Diablo III. But it does seem to tease that the incoming hero will be on the icy side, since those of you familiar with the weather know that snow and the beginning of June do not go together. Let’s hope that the long-waiting fans get more about this sooner rather than later, yes?

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