Shroud of the Avatar’s Vault cash shop is getting an upgrade to… auto-rotate what’s for sale


Shroud of the Avatar once more has another newsletter, and once again it’s about its cash shop. Specifically, it’s about changes to the Vault section of the cash shop, which will now have an automatically rotating stock of Crown Store items instead of a manually rotating stock.

Nine items will be pulled from a pool and added to the Vault, and the pool itself will be expanded to 400 different items. In addition, Vault items will change out every week instead of every two weeks.

Of course, the Vault wasn’t the only part of the newsletter, as it had its usual community and developer livestream details, login reward information, and other sales and promotions. It’s just the Vault changes were what this newsletter led with as its own headline, and we see no reason not to do the same.

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