shroud of the avatar

Official Site: Shroud of the Avatar
Studio: Portalarium
Launch Date: N/A
Genre: Fantasy Sandbox
Business Model: B2P (Cash Shop)
Platform: PC

mmm whatchu saaaaay

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Shroud of the Avatar plans a hefty cash shop overhaul, includes $6999 package to support episode 2

Shroud of the Avatar's business model is apparently getting a bit of an overhaul. As the game's latest newsletter explains, Portalarium is changing...

Shroud of the Avatar loses player services lead to Star Citizen’s Cloud Imperium Games

Shroud of the Avatar Community Manager Serafina announced today that she is moving on to greener pastures, stepping down from her role as...

Shroud of the Avatar offers free respecs, answers community queries

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All according to keikaku or something

Lord British (aka Richard Garriott) is now working as a telecommuting Robo-British

Richard Garriott, also known as Lord British, also known as the man behind Shroud of the Avatar and the Ultima franchise, has been upgraded to Robo-British....

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Shroud of the Avatar expands fishing and teleporting with today’s release

Shroud of the Avatar's final update of the year is live later today as Release 61 hits the ground running and the...

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Shroud of the Avatar studio Portalarium confirms it’s taken over European publishing from Travian

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Shroud of the Avatar brings all seasons together in harmony with Release 60

Beach party? Christmas? Fishing expedition? Why not all three! From summer to deep winter, Shroud of the Avatar has you covered with

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Shroud of the Avatar details continuing work on fishing, teases roleplay content stream

Halloween is over, and you know what that means: Yep, two whole months of Christmas. Shroud of the Avatar is already teasing its...
All according to keikaku or something

Surprise! Shroud of the Avatar is now officially free-to-play

Have you taken advantage of the fact that Shroud of the Avatar has gone free-to-play yet? Or are you staring at that with...

Shroud of the Avatar’s release 59 is live with a heavily revamped newbie experience

Live as of this morning in Shroud of the Avatar is the October update, better known as Release 59. As we've been...

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