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Shroud of the Avatar offers a sneak peek at a new adventure scene and crafting station surface decorations

It's been a couple of weeks since we looked at the newsletter updates from Shroud of the Avatar, so allow us to bundle...
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Make My MMO: Titan Reach and Ilysia head to Kickstarter

This week in MMO crowdfunding, Titan Reach kicked off its Kickstarter, seeking $428,000 US to fund a modern take on an "old-school" MMO...

Shroud of the Avatar showcases new decorative walls and a flower-filled change to public gardens

This week's Shroud of the Avatar update newsletter is mostly about pretty things, so if you're here looking for content updates... well,...

Shroud of the Avatar’s Release 81 adds a new town, new lava fish, and flexible block building features

Release 81 for Shroud of the Avatar is out this week and it's got some new goodies for pretty much everyone in...

Shroud of the Avatar is working on adding mounts to the game

Sure, you can get from player town to player town by using wagons, boats, or singposts, but apparently very soon players of...

Shroud of the Avatar will add spawn functionality and customization to player town signposts

When is a sign more than a sign? When it doubles as a spawn location as well as a teleporter. That's some of the...

Shroud of the Avatar adds player town teleporters and previews new building block types

Release 80 is now live in Shroud of the Avatar and with it are new ways for players to blip between player-created...

Shroud of the Avatar is working on a queue system for PvP

If you're looking for a fight in Shroud of the Avatar, then you'll soon be able to take a number thanks to...

Shroud of the Avatar is adding teleporters that link player-owned towns in Release 80

Don't let that image above fool you. That's no ordinary covered wagon, that's a high-tech teleportation device that will forever change how players travel...
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Ashes of Creation’s Steven Sharif gives an impromptu talk on the game’s mechanics

So a funny thing happened during a Summit1g livestream on Saturday. The streamer was checking out a recent LazyPeon breakdown video for...

Shroud of the Avatar previews an adventure set in Lord British’s castle

Lord British might be about to be busy dunking himself in the ocean, but his castle in Shroud of the Avatar is...

Make My MMO: Star Citizen fashion, Triton Survival, and Legends of Aria’s launch

This week in MMO crowdfunding, Star Citizen posted an infographic on its fashion cosmetics, Albion Online previewed its August release, Legends...

Legends of Aria, Kickstarted in 2014 as Shards Online, has officially left early access and launched

As promised, Legends of Aria officially launched out of early access and into the wild last night. We should also probably say "finally,"...

Shroud of the Avatar opens a new adventure scene and readies its first weekly PvP tournament

Shroud of the Avatar ended its month with another newsletter update this past Thursday, introducing fans to Spindelskog, a Tier 10+ adventure...

Shroud of the Avatar discusses its new dungeon and answers player questions with Lord British

Shroud of the Avatar is inviting dungeon crawlers of the MMORPG to try out something a little different in the game's latest...

MMO Business Roundup: Richard Garriott, Square-Enix’s charity, Stadia, and Team Fortress’ racist bots

Welcome back to another quick roundup of video games business and industry news relevant for the MMO genre. Richard Garriott: Apparently, the former icon of...

Shroud of the Avatar’s Vault cash shop is getting an upgrade to… auto-rotate what’s for sale

Shroud of the Avatar once more has another newsletter, and once again it's about its cash shop. Specifically, it's about changes...

Shroud of the Avatar plans on hosting official PvP events complete with unique new trophies

Shroud of the Avatar likes hosting its little events. Whether they're weekly fishing tournaments or official decoration contests (which will be coming back...

Make My MMO: Elite’s beta blowout, Crowfall’s latest alpha

It's been a big couple of weeks in MMO crowdfunding, at least if you're watching the development of crowdfunded games: Star Citizen is...

Shroud of the Avatar has made a female shopkeeper outfit and it is very proud of itself

Do you play a lady in Shroud of the Avatar? Does that lady own a shop? Have you ever wanted to make that...