EVE Online pirate pillages $60K worth of items from a shutdown Citadel


Last week we reported on a new kind of thievery happening in EVE Online thanks to a recent update which causes unpowered Citadels to go abandoned and make whatever goodies stored inside free for the taking. Already many piratical players have taken advantage, but one Capsuleer by the name of Sulley found the motherlode.

During a pillaging spree that affected 32 different stations across high-sec space, Sulley found a Raitaru engineering complex owned by a group of players called Future Tech Industries that was stuffed with four billion ISK’s worth of items — a real-world cash value of around $60,000 USD. “It still shocks me how much value was in a single structure,” Sulley is quoted as saying. “It’s surreal.”

Basically: Pay your electricity bill, Citadel owners.

source: PC Gamer
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