Fan ports the original Diablo to the Nintendo Switch


You can already play Diablo III on the Nintendo Switch, but can you play the entire series? Not yet, but you can play the original Diablo thanks to an enterprising fan project. Yes, the entire game has been ported over to a console that was never designed to run it, and all it’ll cost you is the real possibility of never being able to access online functionality on your Switch ever again!

Actually, that’s a pretty steep price, come to think of it.

In case you hadn’t gathered, this is a project that can only run on a modified Switch, which means that you might be blocked from online functionality and so forth. But it’s still a pretty cool piece of porting and software archival, as well as interesting for anyone and everyone who truly enjoys seeing things getting ported to consoles never meant to run certain games.

Source: YouTube via Blizzard Watch

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It’s a me, Diablo!


If that’s the Nintendo’s Diablo… I’d hate to see what Wiablo looks like… ughhh…


Actually, that’s a pretty steep price, come to think of it.

If you are doing it only to run Diablo, yep. Not worth it.

On the other hand, if you, like me, already has a hacked Switch and a (legal) Diablo 1 copy, it’s a quite nifty toy.