New World’s open beta officially begins this morning – are you playing?


Here we go, folks: There’s one more New World test event before the launch on September 28th, assuming we don’t see another last-minute delay, and that event begins today in the form of the open beta starting today at 10 a.m. EDT. Invites began rolling out last night, though Amazon has said it’s using Steam Playtest, so you won’t be messing with keys. There is no NDA during this test, so you can chatter and stream to your heart’s content, but everything you do will be wiped ahead of the final launch.

As we’ve previously noted, Amazon posted patch notes for this leg of the testing a week and change ago; there are fixes for expeditions, the newbie beach, damage and health scaling, bosses, PvP scaling, multiple weapons, town projects, drop rates, gear score, and so forth.

There’s also a server list, though Amazon stresses this is not necessarily the final launch list – just the open beta – so don’t panic yet if you don’t see servers in your timezone, central US folks. Definitely check out the website’s list, which includes language designations.

New World is expected to be the biggest MMORPG to launch in quite a long time, so we’ve been giving it its due, with impressions pieces along its development and testing:

We’ll be updating this post as the day goes on as Amazon’s sure to make more announcements!


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Almost every MMO that comes out, even if I don’t plan on playing it, I at least have a passing interest.

For whatever reason, I don’t have even a precursor to a spark of interest in this game. There’s just something about the vibe, everything from the title, to the little bit of gameplay I’ve seen that just shouts ‘This is going to be the okayest MMO you ever played’

It’s that person who you can’t ever seem to remember if they were at the party last Saturday night or not.


I would give the game the lightest possible recommendation. I am not offended by anything in it but the whole is seemingly less than the sum of its parts. I’d grade most every game feature with a solid “C”, like 55/100. Questing didn’t bother me but I am killing ten foozles who happen to be undead right from the start, then a marginally more powerful foozle who has a block bar. Auto-running to the first town from the starter zone was fine but man for a new player that is a heck of a run and the transition zone is seemingly devoid of quests. Collecting meat from dead animals is fine but is it really necessary for it to take 10 seconds or more? Especially since mining the endless flint chunks takes 2 seconds.

Character creation was similarly “OK.” I don’t know why some of the defaults look, well, “off.” I am very aware of notions of beauty etc. and try to avoid falling into those traps but my character is supposed to be a bog standard sailor on a mysterious journey, right? S/he should not be grossly malproportioned as a default… that’s what slider bars are for.

So I played the beta and my take away was “Well, I suppose I played an MMO for a few hours.” Not sure if the game-creation-by-committee approach is going to attract too many folks, but I guess I wasn’t repelled.

Anthony Clark

I played. Enjoyed it! Can’t wait for release!

Chris Johnson

I enjoyed some things about the game such as the world itself and the crafting and gathering systems. The combat is medium, seems a bit off, which is also true for the games’ movement.

The ABSOLUTE worst thing is it’s extremely limited character customization…if you can even call it that. For a game backed by a company with virtually unlimited resources in the year 2021, it’s hard to believe they thought this “customization” was even adequate! There are no body options or sliders of any kind, no selection of facial features or anything close to it. What the have is a one size fits all set up with a series of very badly designed faces and hair. That’s it!

Will I play this at launch?

Probably not. It still need work.


I played the beta for 8 hours, and uninstalled. Everything was just so tedious and grindy. The final straw was being unable to withdraw stuff from storage in a different town, just because my faction didn’t own both of them. After a quick look, the auction houses are town-only as well. It’s not a trading post, it’s a PAWN SHOP. Back to Guild Wars 2 for me!


Game has potential. Decent sandbox freedom appeal going on. I like the crafting and the world can be likeable given more time. The animations are pretty poor for something wanting to be considered AAA and fear they wont see this as a problem to fix and it remains.

This could be something is the appropriate amount of passion and time are invested, but skeptical is Amazon will go that far or just produce something to collect a residual.


I played around 2 hours and I’m not getting into it at all. The games doesn’t support gamepad so it is bad news for people like me who game on 65″ OLED. Graphics are not terrible but quite average. Character creation is better than Fallout 76. Character movements are really bad, look like games from 2010.

Gameplay is pretty average, some people might say that the fun part is PVP. Well not every body like running around and kill other players.

I read a lot positive reviews and I come think that they might be written by the developer’s employees not the real players.

Kickstarter Donor

Thanks for the reminder. I had forgotten about this open beta taking place.
May have a go at it over the weekend.

Malcolm Swoboda

Played to around Lv 5 (aka out of the initial quests). I’m impressed by a little, generally enjoy a little, and annoyed by a little. Nothing outrageous. But I also recall reviews/impressions where the sentiment was that there’s nothing that this game does in a standout fashion… I’ll play more (Lv 10? 15?) if I have the time but this weekend is very busy. Not preordering, for sure, but I can tell enough that I can’t write it off.

The first bad sign was the character creation. Felt worse than the first Mass Effect, even if it was technically better. I could barely make an avatar I could even tolerate.

6/10, so far, but I can see plenty of ways that the starter experience can be improved a lot… in the next year or two. But it gives a modern sheen in several areas (sometimes too much – the UI sound effects, overwhelming!) that many will appreciate.

Adam Russell

Ill try it again at release. Pre-ordered through Amazon in 2016 so I think I get it free anyway.