EverQuest starts selling monthly perks on top of subscriptions


How can Daybreak milk even more money out of subscribers? EverQuest is trying out a new à la carte promotion to add monthly bonuses to accounts — for a price. The studio announced that it’s selling All Access Members up to three monthly perks to give them an additional edge.

The Adventurer’s Perk activates an XP and currency gain buff, the Challenger’s Perk discounts loyalty items, prevents level loss, and buffs merc XP gain, and the Merchant’s Perk gives 12-slot trader’s satchels, an additional inventory slot, and a bonus chance to gain crafting skill points.

So what’s the cost of all of these niceties? Daybreak is charging $3 per month for one perk, $4 for two, or $5 for all three to be active at a time.

Source: EverQuest. Thanks Alex!
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