Fight or Kite: New World’s beta hasn’t made me a true believer – yet

Both the PvE *and* the PvP need a lot of work


The New World beta preview came to an end a few short nights ago. Like some of the other members of the MOP crew, I spent the majority of my game time this past week running through Aeternum. And while I enjoyed just about every minute I spent in game, I’m not completely sure this boat is seaworthy yet.

The game plays really smoothly, and it’s gorgeous. Some of the views are simply breathtaking. But I think the main reason I was having such a good time was that it was new. You could even say it was because it was a new… world. Seriously, though, the game has some real potential, but there are some major gaps in the gameplay loop as it stands right now.

If you haven’t yet read MOP’s Tyler’s excellent first impressions piece, then I recommend doing so because I agree with just about everything he’s laid out. But I have a few thoughts to add about the combat, and while I won’t tread exactly the same ground he did, you’ll probably be able to see his tracks from here.

Combat plays more like a battle royale than an MMO

As Tyler said, the combat in New World is fluid and quite frankly fantastic. Every swing that lands and every shot that hits feels right. When you’re firing a bow from a great distance, the arrow will even fall according to physics, so you need to adjust your shot for that. I honestly haven’t played an MMO with combat that felt this good in a while.

But it isn’t without its shortcomings. The very first thing that came to mind when I entered my first encounter was how similar it felt to Crowfall’s combat. It has that same active camera type of combat where your mouse is always in control of your character’s direction. But it is a bit more tuned and precise. As Tyler said, headshots actually do additional damage, which is cool.

However, I have to say, I have a real problem with the battle royale/FPS bastardization of MMO combat skills. I won’t advocate for five hotbars with 50 different skills, but these super-limited skill sets, only three active at a time in New World, really don’t sit well with me. I do like that skill activation is important and that choosing when to activate skill is a real and conscious choice, but three skills just feels too limiting.

Let me lay it all out here: At any point during a fight, you have only about seven things to do – that is, a soft or strong attack, dodge, block, and your three abilities. You can make an argument that the potions you can slot are possibilities too, so I’ll give you one more for a heal potion. We’ll call it an even eight options during any fight. And sure, you can swap weapons too, but since they all share a cool down, I don’t count them.

Now, I gathered with a handful of other players for some duels during the test phase, and I confidently can say it was really boring. In many other MMOs, your skill management is important not just because you’re deciding when to open up and lay waste to the opponent but also because you’re deciding when to save and use your stunbreaks and other utility type skills. While Crowfall shares the active camera with New World, it favors a more traditional MMO skill set: one where you get a full hotbar of skills. It doesn’t just stop there either, as many of those skills can perform combos adding even further depth.

It’s almost like Crowfall and New World went to a cafeteria together, both got a large helping of active camera mode, and then Crowfall added on some MMO skills for its protein but New World shrugged that off and went straight for the battle royale dessert skills. In fact, New World’s combat also reminded me of the Ashes of Creation Apocalypse battle royale (may it rest in peace).

So while I overall did have fun with the combat, it is very shallow currently. Each weapon type should have more skills to choose from with more active skills available, and the weapons shouldn’t share a cooldown.

The PvE vs. PvP balance

I think most players who have played the game recently have said the same thing: The PvE needs a lot more work. I think that’s fine. Even when the shift toward a more PvE-centric New World was originally announced, I thought it was a good direction for the game to take – and I still do! My problem isn’t that it takes away from PvP or that the flagging system is weak. It’s that the PvP that is here just doesn’t cut it.

I would say the same thing if New World didn’t have a flagging system or PvE quests too. Griefing players while they’re just gathering and farming sucks. It always has sucked and it doesn’t make for good PvP for anyone – not for PvE players and not for those of us who actually like genuine PvP. I know the sneaky rogue keyboard warriors out there think it’s hilariously fun, but no. With the flagging system, if someone wants to fight, she’ll flag up and should be ready for an encounter.

The issue during the beta was that even when I flagged myself for PvP, there was almost no one to fight… because there was no reason to fight. As soon as I could, I flagged up, yet I never engaged in a single fight in my journey. There are plenty of PvE quests, but Amazon, it’s time to bring in some PvP quests. Instead of asking them fighting zombies for a chest, why not direct players’ first faction task to point them to a field to kill ten players?

Or heck – set it up like an arena. Faction quest can be something you queue up for to fight. Let players level through these quests as fast as they would with the PvE ones. There can be arenas in the starter zones and further on too. Ensure gear doesn’t break down when you die in the arena. Give players a place and a reason to PvP. It shouldn’t just be for endgame players.

War! What is it good for? I… I don’t know – I didn’t have a chance to try it!

Tying into the lack of PvP throughout my game time, the war system seems extremely flawed. I didn’t play the game in alpha prior to this beta, so I have no idea what it was like before, but without quests I literally would have had nothing to do in this beta. It appeared that sieges were only once a day, and even if there were eight or however many forts to fight over, that’s way too limited. Then there’s the fact that only 50 players can queue up on a side to fight. What the hell are the rest of us supposed to do?

Maybe if the wars were just instances you could queue up for from a lobby, it would make sense. But for an MMO where the endgame goal is to participate in a fort siege, 50 players per side is nothing. Fortunately, Eliot was able to preview the war system as part of the press event ahead of the beta. It sounds like the mechanics themselves are pretty fun, and we do have an idea now how that will play out in practice.

But Amazon is going to have to do something about expanding the system so players can actually experience it. My understanding is that the controlling guild gets to pick 10 players to compete and the remaining 40 are chosen at random. I couldn’t tell whether that means random individuals or a team of two or more players can queue up together, but it sounded like randoms.

That just doesn’t work for anyone. Large guilds will want to play with their entire team but are limited to the 10 “best.” Small guilds won’t have any agency at all. Imagine signing up for a war with your one or two other guildmates. “I sure hope we both get to play this one together.” That’s obviously terrible design for an MMORPG.

So while I did have a good time playing the game, there is a lot of room for improvement from not just the PvE side of things but also the PvP side. What do you lot think of it? Did you get into the beta? Did you have a chance to try out any of the war mechanics or were you sent home carrying your ball crying like me? How about the combat? Shallow – or just not finished?

Every other week, Massively OP’s Sam Kash delivers Fight or Kite, our trip through the state of PvP across the MMORPG industry. Whether he’s sitting in a queue or rolling with the zerg, Sam’s all about the adrenaline rush of a good battle. Because when you boil it down, the whole reason we PvP (other than to pwn noobs) is to have fun fighting a new and unpredictable enemy!

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Coming from games like Bloodborne and Dark Souls, I’d rather see the three skills taken away than having more added. Combat is not at the level of those games, yet, but it would be quite possible to go down that route with hard mobs that have an extensive number of well telegraphed attacks. I think many players come from tab-targeted skill spamming games to N|W and expect similar combat, therefore having a hard time to adjust. I’d like to see this game stand apart and I believe there are enough of players satisfied with this combat system to yield a healthy player base.

Leaving the preview I had had as much fun as when I started playing EverQuest back in the days. This too felt as a new and fresh take, although I agree that there still is some work to be done in this otherwise full of potential game. It was surely enough to convince me I will be playing this on day one. I was also surprised that for being a game with PvP elements, the players that took part in the preview were non-toxic and altruistically helped each other out. I hope that spirit carries over into release.

ichi sakari

the bones are there, its just that with the bones from the original PvP-centric design along with the bones of the PvE pivot there’s a lot of bones that need to be arranged so the whole skeleton works

one or two bones in the wrong place and this will be a short-lived Frankenstein


As Tyler said, the combat in New World is fluid and quite frankly fantastic. Every swing that lands and every shot that hits feels right.

Geez, do people really think that? It’s worse than ESO, and that’s already quite a low bar. Have you even seen good action combat at all? I dunno, Monster Hunter World. Or, if you started screaming “it’s not MMO!”, BDO? Or, moving to hybrids, Archeage and GW2? Blade and Soul? Pretty much anything better than THAT.


Yup it is the combat that puts me off as well.
The developer describe it as the first realtime combat system, which is false; maybe they do a few details differently and it feels smoother, but I really fail to see anything new or revolutionary about it.

The problem with action combat is that the tactical elements often gets lost, and it often become role-less zerg combat. Zerg combat can work to a degree, in that it can be relatively fun over short distances, but it is still the minimal form of combat.

An example of mmo with action combat that has actual roles and significant tactical elements would be Neverwinter. Neverwinter is the (only) proof that action combat does not have to be shallow and roleless, so it is possible to make; however New World combat is not this and very very far from it. It is rare to see a mmo completely change its combat style, so we must assume this is the direction they are going with.

In general I find action combat boring after awhile, so for me it really needs to have something special and at least some tactical co-op elements build in. So far most action combat mmos fail to deliver on that, and it is the same for New world (so far).

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Dean Greenhoe

Sounds like the game is coming along.. If there is nothing to complain about then i would be worried.



The English language lacks the words to possibly convey just how completely and irrevocably bad Amazon Game Studios are at PvP design.

Just remove any expectations, whatever they come up with is going to anger everyone.

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Paragon Lost

” It has that same active camera type of combat where your mouse is always in control of your character’s direction.” -Sam Kash

And I’m out. I absolutely hate that type of mouse control. When Funcom changed their controls with the release of their new gimped err sorry streamlined version of The Secret World to this it ruined it for me. SWL was unplayable for me due to this. (sigh)

Bruno Brito

It was one of the least fluid combats i’ve played in ages. Every weapon except Hatchet felt clunky, badly optimized for PvE, and the PvE experience itself was lacking.

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Combat is fluid? I must of been in another game LOL. Sword and board, going between moves felt very clunky, esp. moving from an attack to a block. Any lag made it much worse. Needs some serious work.


The down side of this FPS style combat where headshots grant improved damage will be aimbots. I guarantee you this will be a major issue for this title.


Without hitscan weapons, aimbots will be much less effective.


aimbots can deal with projectile weapons, bullet drop, windage, and server lag. They’re a major issue in all tactical shooters now and all tactical shooters quit using hitscan a looooong time ago. You might be shocked how advanced they are. This game looks to have active blocking for those with shields. It won’t surprise me if they have a block bot that will block any incoming attacks if you have a shield equipped.

Kickstarter Donor

It’s a major release that includes PvP and territory control—the levels of cheating and botting will be insane.

Adam Russell

I suspect that you will hear howls of outrage from the masses of people that were “unfairly” banned!