New World cleared 200,000 concurrent beta players over the weekend

Play for a while.

You have to imagine that there are some Amazon Game Studios executives and producers who are breathing a little easier this week after seeing the phenomenal response to New World’s closed beta test. Not only is the beta itself getting great reviews and word-of-mouth, but it’s absolutely packed with players eager for a good, new MMORPG to play.

In fact, SteamDB clocked 200,856 concurrent players yesterday, making a new high-water mark for New World since its beta started on July 20th. We shouldn’t have to tell you, but those are really, really good numbers that bode quite well for the game’s release on August 31st.

Thanks to the lack of an NDA on the test, we’ve been able to report our own experiences, including Sam’s look at a battleground and dungeon. Sam said of the test, “It’s evident the team behind New World has been really plugging away and putting together a game that feels like a real MMO.”

Source: SteamDB
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