Lost Ark introduces new founder’s pack with normalized pricing to combat black market sellers


It would appear that key resellers are making a mess of Lost Ark’s economy before the game even gets out of technical alpha, if an announcement from Amazon Games is to be believed. According to the post, key resellers are using alternate accounts to exploit regional pricing for founder’s packs, which by Amazon’s reckoning compromises the game economy for everyone as in-game currency is included in these packs. With that in mind, the price of Founder’s Packs has been “normalized” to one global price. In addition, there’s a new Bronze Founder’s Pack that gives more purchase options to players in all territories.

That all said, a Redditor points out that “normalization” effectively meant a price hike for everyone except the EU and US (likely due to Steam’s policies), and the effort hasn’t apparently stopped key sellers from peddling their wares. It’s important to point out that this sort of scheme is not exactly illegal but will get those who take part in this market a banning. So maybe don’t buy a key from some rando on an internet forum.

sources: Steam, Reddit

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My heart reaches out to those who are negatively impacted by the regional pricing.

It is a good sign if Amazon intervenes before the game goes live, though.
As @Vanquesse V already pointed out, Gold is a very valuable currency in Lost Ark, thus I believe gold sellers will pop up frequently.

Vanquesse V

In Lost Ark you can turn the paid currency into a separate currency that’s used for most paid features (except for the main subscription and most of the cosmetics). It can also be sold to other players (that get the converted currency, not the direct paid one), so people were buying a bunch of these packs on throwaway accounts, planning to only use them to sell the currency, then transfer the gold to their main account.
As gold is used for higher level gear upgrades and all auction house transactions this would be a pretty massive advantage in starting out.
After a month or so, I don’t think there’ll be much difference in power between whales and people just playing the game