The Daily Grind: So what do we all think of New World so far?


Amazon’s New World rolled into closed beta yesterday, and unlike some past test events, this one has no NDA, meaning the whole MMORPG community is weighing in. I got a chance to play a few hours yesterday, right as the server clusters were nearing around 200,000 peak players on Steam. Almost all of the servers were full in every region, with quite a lot of them struggling through queues (poor Brazil had a 5,000-person queue! They added more servers for you overnight.). And the newbie zones were absolutely packed.

“Lots to learn on our first day of beta!” the studio tweeted. “There are a few places we fell short, particularly with servers and queues. Additionally, we’ve encountered bugs with text-to-speech, accidental bans, and challenges with the Inkwell quest. We are reconfiguring as quickly as possible to deal with these issues until it works properly for you. We’ve received a very enthusiastic response, filling our servers to capacity! We want our servers to be full but we also want to make sure everyone can login and play quickly. We’re working to add capacity to provide everyone the best opportunity to Beta test New World!”

All in all, the mood in-game and on social media seemed chipper. I had a significantly better time playing on my own with a melee spec than I did playing the healer from the press preview last spring for sure. The game has already come a long way since just May, and I have to say, I mostly liked it, with only mild caveats. The character creation is much better this round. I like the armor. But the chat UI is awful. It’s like that – good but also some annoying bits. I’m a lot more interested in the game now that I’ve gotten to tinker with it without the stress of a group dungeon preview, although I’m still getting such strong Elder Scrolls Online vibes that I kinda want to play that.

What do you think of New World so far?

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Leonardo Vasconcellos

I don’t think it has enough endgame content to last 2 months and it still has a lot of really concerning bugs to a game that lauches in 1 month.

Another huge problem is the lore, which is a mess. But i loved the mechanics. Now imagine a Lord of the Rings MMO with those mechanics? I would love it.


So far it really feels like it doesn’t know what it wants to be to me. It feels like a poor mans ESO at launch before it got good, only the story is weak and the quests extremely basic fetch quests. Now granted I can live with weak pve if it has some really fun sandpark systems like BDO or Archeage but im not seeing it so far.

It feels like it’s trying to combine ESO and Albion but the theme park elements are very generic kill 10 rats quests with thin story.. The pvp and sandbox elements Feels a bit like Albion with factions and forts in the open world to capture but way weaker and under developed. I feel like mmos need one thing they really excel at to survive. Not sure this game excels at either being an ESO knock off or Sandpark.

They kind of need to pick a lane and put close to another full year into either theme park story based questing or sandpark systems. Feels Half baked at both aspects but if they stick with it and keep dumping in development time it could be a good game in a year or two assuming Amazon sticks with it.

One thing I really dont like is the character models.. they look like Funcom Secret World shovel faces( still don’t get why funcom downgraded the models from what they had in Conan ) I was kind of hopeing for BDO quality characters in New World.


Agreed – it’s like partially a survival MMO, partially a narrative-based MMO, partially a PvE MMO and partially a PvP MMO, and it’s not really leaned on any of those elements.

Like the gathering – chopping down trees, mining rocks, skinning animals, etc., all with an encumbrance weight to it – is straight out of a survival game, complete with tradeskills, but you don’t need it to survive. They help with crafting stuff, which is decent enough, but the hallmarks of survival games – true item decay, hunger, thirst…not present. I’m not sure they’d be a good thing for this game, but it does feel weird to have several staples of that genre and have it be missing the rest.

The PvE is wandering creatures and pockets of “Lost” that didn’t come back from death “all there” and are basically just zombies but with some intelligence left. The narrative with it so far is “Bad stuff happens to those who get to this island, we need to prepare for the next time the “Corruption” reaches us to fend it off.” Which is not far off from the barebones narrative experience offered up by PSO2 NGS…pretty similar conceit, and so far about the same amount of story. Maybe the narrative here is backloaded, or maybe it’s got a Destiny 1 style approach where a bunch of the story is put in random logs, notes, and letters you can find around…

Which is honestly where most of the narrative beats I’ve come across so far have surfaced, so there might be something to that theory.

The PvP seems the most fully realized, in how you vie for control of territory, which confers benefits, and are rewarded by your faction for taking the fight to your enemies…but as another commenter noted, they have some really odd tech decisions going on that could result in potentially negative experiences. The game will apparently teleport players away from a fort capture if there are too many of a given faction, in what is clearly an attempt to keep fights somewhat balanced…

But if you’re going to do that, why not just have it instanced? Part of the draw of open world territory control like this is the swings in the balance of power that result in sometimes a faction owning things for a while, and then later they slip and others take things back…and since you can already choose to not flag anyway, you can have players choosing when to engage with that rather than being forced into it, and being the faction that is losing doesn’t prevent you from being in areas controlled by the other factions the way it might in fully open pvp style games.

The one thing I will say they’ve gone all in on though is atmosphere. The forts and wilds and little villages feel like they all belong, with the landscape dotted by clearly ancient structures, and the sounds of combat with spells or muskets going off, or the sounds of trees falling as they are chopped down. Top notch work.

For as much as the rest of the game feels aimless right now, that one element is one they completed nailed.


Just finished playing and my pvp experience was…strange? Went to do a pvp quest and came upon a group of five enemies of another faction. Of course, I took a pot shot at them with my musket (:D) and they took after me. I bolted and ran across the zone for about 10 minutes with all five of them at my heels the whole time. I’m a trapper so I littered the ground with a root trap as I ran. Each time they stopped, I turned and took more pot shots (:D) until they followed again.

In the end, no one died but it wasn’t un-fun…still, there’s no doubt this is a game where people will go to GREAT lengths to kill or grief you. I can’t really see a reason to opt-in to pvp when the zerg mentality is so strong.


So I got a beta key in between when I posted earlier and now, so I’ve been able to get hands on with the earliest levels.

I do like how combat feels so far.

Lot of little details, which I appreciate – running up a hill or down a hill your animation changes to match what you’d expect (amusingly, while it’s a natural run animation on flat ground, the legs movement is too fast for the speed you’re moving – it looks like you’re closer to a sprint, but moving at a brisk jog).

Sound design is on point – echoes from battles going on around me, or from gathering, stuff like that.

Weird thing that is absent though. No swimming. There’s a breath mechanic, and there’s deeper water…

But you just walk along the ground like you’re one of the crew from a Pirates of the Caribbean movie.

No idea if it’s just not been added yet, or if they are intentionally not including swimming, but with the level of detail they seem to be putting into many other areas, its absence is notable.


Pros: flora and fauna looks attractive

Cons: Everything else. Gameplay is basically Amazon taking worst parts from other games and implementing in their game in worst possible way without adding anything original. This goes for EVERYTHING, from the size of the world to questing to crafting and including housing.

Today’s highlight of worst part of the game: I was watching Timthetatman’s stream, he tried to do world PvP where you attack capturable forts in open world. One of the forts was controlled by opposing faction. Every time Tim and his group tried to approach the fort – he got message “too many people of your faction in this area, you will be teleported out in 10 seconds”. This is absolutely the WORST kind of “PvP balance” I have ever seen in any game and it is obviously the way to compensate for the deficiencies of the Lumberyard engine Amazon is using because this engine cannot allow for large scale battles and large scale sieges.


What was that someone said the other day about New World PvP, it was “limitless”?


Bruno Brito

he got message “too many people of your faction in this area, you will be teleported out in 10 seconds”.

Jesus Christ. This is unacceptable.

Leonardo Vasconcellos

The problem here is that Lumberyard is a lie. They said that Lumberyard would allow massive battles because it was cloud native. Star Citizen even rewrote all of its code to use it and now realized it was all a lie…

Lumberyard is just and old engine with the same old approaches but that runs on the cloud.

What we need is a game engine to revolutionize massive scale battles. The problem is that this feature is needed mainly for the MMO market, which few companies invest due to the high risk.

Chaos Engine


  • runs smooth and fluid
  • combat is fun and fast paced
  • animations aren’t great but at least better than ESO (not a high bar, though)
  • the art style is kinda nice, although future cash shop cosmetics will surely ruin it quickly


  • Grahpics look anything but “next gen”. Mushy textures. If someone would have shown me this game 10 years ago it would still not have been impressive, graphics wise
  • The whole thing, especially the UI, feels like a console game which was cheaply ported to PC
  • character creation is… lacking
  • At least the early gameplay feels VERY generic. Typical theme park MMO which holds your hand tightly, let’s you run to big shiny arrows to press E or kill 3 rats.
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Interesting setting, but beyond that not for me, nor am I its target audience.

And in all honesty, I imagine this will disappear into mostly anonymity pretty quick as all pvp games tend to outside of their niche audience in a few months.


I think “New Worlds” is a game that exists. I’m not the target audience and I don’t plan to watch it on streams. I have no other useful opinions about it.


Just waiting for Chris to start streaming it, no opinion yet, it will be hard to top the dancing guinea pig from Crowfall.

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Ashfyn Ninegold

The only thing I know about NW is that the day before the beta launch Asmongold’s house got nuked by a lighting strike, frying his router and modem. He went into melt down afraid that he would miss the beta launch. He didn’t, but the string of profanity and alliterative references from moment to moment was awe inspiring.

I’ll probably play NW when it fully launches because it’s the first western AAA MMO since ESO and will get my support.

Bruno Brito

And it was, according to him: “Ghetto-fixed” because the ISP guys didn’t know how to fix it either.

As for NW, i expect a solid game out of it, but nothing groundbreaking, and if i expect too much i WILL be let down.